City Arts Gift Guide

A little late to realize this, but I just saw today that my earrings were included in the City Arts Gift Guide. They are in the December issue, and if you are looking for a last minute gift, there are still some pieces available at Vain in Ballard and West Seattle.

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About Aran

My name is Aran, like the Irish Islands , sweaters, and yarn. I am a jeweler and am drawn to the aesthetic values of the Japanese, where beauty often lies in the imperfect mark of the hand. This aesthetic, that they call wabi sabi, accepts the process of growth and decay, and celebrates it through the beauty in the cracked, worn-down or repaired. It is an understanding of imperfections. These cracks and changes from time just add to the meditative value of the piece. I love that things that I make go out into the world and live another life with their own stories and memories. This blog is a way for me to post my work, my process, photos that I take in my travels, my experiences in the Pacific Northwest, and other things of interest. Sometimes I will include affiliate links, but a reader would never pay more for a product than they would without the affiliate link. Also, I would never post a recommendation to something unless it was something that I use, love, and wholeheartedly recommend.
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2 Responses to City Arts Gift Guide

  1. Hello, I wanted to say that I love your jewelry. They are awesome!!!
    Nathalie from Belgium

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